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Below are testimonials written by our past patients’ owners. If your pet has recently visited Florida Veterinary Referral Center and you would like to write a testimonial, please click the button to the right. It might just get featured on this page!

Maxine W.

December 2018

“Dr. Moore was very knowledgeable, and compassionate. He explained all test results. Also went over all our options. Took his time explaining our pets condition. Discussed treatment options. We feel very confident that our dog, Snickers, got the best care.”


Dena W.

December 2018

“The diagnosis seems to be spot on and I felt that the Doctor knew immediately what was wrong with Toby. The entire staff there was very friendly and loving towards my cat. I couldn’t be happier and will definitely recommend your services!”


Stacey B.

December 2018

“I was given an appointment in a reasonable amount of time. The staff was wonderful and very kind to myself and Harlow. I love that they have you wait in a private room rather than sitting in a waiting room with other dogs as not all dogs get along with others and this is far less stressful for the dogs. Dr. Riordan was excellent. She gave a complete exam, explained everything and was very cautious with treatment plan knowing that bulldogs can have all sorts of complications. She was able to get me into cardiology a month earlier. I feel completely confident in her recommendations and treatment plan. She personally called me the following morning to update me on lab work and discussion she had with cardiology. I highly recommend her.”


Brian C.

November 2018

“My wife and I went to them for a second opinion. Dr. Kraiza had the disadvantage of us coming from a bad experience so to say I was apprehensive, demanding, confrontational, and standoffish would be accurate and for that I apologize.

I could tell she sensed my angst, the gravity of the situation, and genuinely wanted to help. Our pets are precious family members. My wife and I don’t have children (yet) but we love our pets as if they are our human children.

If you want someone to treat your furry kids like you expect an MD to, demand Dr. Kraiza. She handled my temper, angst, and body language like a champ. It’s crystal clear to me that she is passionate about what she does and won’t settle for ambiguity. She wants to know with as close to certainty as it gets, what’s wrong with your pet. That’s worth it’s weight in gold.”


Susan D.

November 2018

“Everyone there was so nice. I went in thinking my dog possibly wasn’t coming back home, I picked her up 2 days later and she was acting like her old self. I was called with updates and was invited to call or come in whenever I wanted. My dog is 11 and 1/2 years old and if I’m ever in need of an emergency veterinarian again I will definitely come here again. I am from Clarence, NY and I have a home down in Estero as well. I am so glad I found this hospital on the internet and all the positive reviews helped me make the decision to go here. I have nothing but good things to say about this veterinarian hospital.”


Anderson Family

October 2018

“From the phone call to make the appointment to all the follow up calls, you can tell that the Doctors and all staff members truly care about your pet. They are compassionate, very thorough and explain everything that they need to do and all of the results. Dr. Parra was Toby’s Doctor and Grace was the Vet Tech. Both were amazing! Dr. Parra is extremely knowledgeable and explains everything in a way I could easily understand. They followed up right away with our regular Vet so that everyone involved in Toby’s Care was up to date on his treatment and recommendations. I wish Dr. Parra could train Human Medical Doctors how to interact with their patients!”


Deborah M.

September 2018

“From the time that we walked in for our appointment until we left, the care and attention that me and my cats received was beyond amazing!! Dr. Riordan is the best – cannot say enough great things about her. She quickly identified the health issues with my two cats and offered a detailed “go-forward” plan. She followed up the next day and again when test results came back. Love, love, love the Practice.”


Ide Family

August 2018

“Dr. Parra used alternative medicine instead of compounding or further putting stress on our Zoey who had just been through a procedure the previous day. His patience for his patient Zoey paid off and we have a happy tail wagging girl. The intake with Dr. Moore and the attending nurses were great too.”


Jay and Cindy I.

July 2018

“Dr. Parra used alternative medicine instead of compounding or further putting stress on our Zoey who had just been through a procedure the previous day. His patience for his patient Zoey paid off and we have a happy tail wagging girl. The intake by Dr. Moore and the attending nurses were great too.”


Taylor M.

July 2018

“I am very pleased with my entire experience at Florida Veterinary Referral Center. We originally came in through the ER and saw Dr. Caro and then met with Dr. Goodrich for a surgery consultation. Both doctors performed a surgery on my dog and I am very happy with both doctors. Everything has been very thorough from details on exams, recommendations for procedures, financial estimates and follow up care process. I had to leave my dog for hospitalization boarding and they sat with me to go over how my dog likes everything including his food, sleeping habits, water intake etc. Dr. Goodrich has been great at comforting me through the process and providing daily updates. I truly appreciate the doctors and staff at FVRC for providing a positive experience during a difficult time.”


Kristin & Dan R.

July 2018

“We were greeted in a caring and compassionate manner. Dr Mosley had the very best “bed side manner”. He explained everything so well. Normally when you go to hospitals the discharge paperwork is very generic. Dr Mosley’s discharge plan was individualized and the discharge instructions were clear. It was an hour drive from Captiva Island, but with the care received, we would have traveled further. Thank you so much for taking such great care of Olivia.”


Bethany L.

June 2018

“Loved you all!! Mowgli has serious vet issues. Somehow you are all members of the dog whisperer society. How you all tamed the 90lbs ball of anxiety, I do not know! But you did!! Loved the technician, Jodi, the front office staff and Dr. Goodrich. I would absolutely recommend you all to anyone who asked!”


Jan F.

June 2018

“Everything was first class. The ER staff the night Shakey broke his leg were caring and wonderful. Dr Goodrich is fantastic! She has been so helpful as we work through this process and she cares as well as being an excellent surgeon. Every person we have come into contact with has been kind, caring and knowledgeable. Our little cat has a chance because of your clinic and Dr Goodrich. We can never thank you enough!!!”


John & Vicki R.

May 2018

“There was kindness and genuine caring about my fur baby and for me too. Our experience couldn’t have been better. Because of their knowledge and expertise, the outcome couldn’t have been better and now I hope to have a good 3-4 more years of companionship with my Holly. Wish it were even more.”


Rita R.

May 2018

“Dr. Riordan is amazing in every way! After I left the hospital with my doggie, Dolly, Dr. Riordan found the time to do extra research on our case. She also spoke to a cardiologist, and my vet – Dr. Marc, and others to find the best treatment plan. She knew that I was concerned so she called me the very next morning at 8:00 AM to discuss her findings and shared the updated treatment plan with me!  Dr. Riordan not only focuses on what is best for the pet, but also takes into consideration the pet Mom (in this case) and what is best there too! She is kind, considerate, thorough, professional, brilliant, open to others’ input, and goes the extra mile to make sure the highest care is given! I won’t go anywhere else for this kind of treatment! I guess she is just “stuck” with my furbabies and me! Thanks so much!”


Leslie L.

April 2018

“The compassion of everyone associated with FVRC has been immeasurable. We continue to receive information when told and everything has been explained in a manner understandable and clear to us. Dr. Riordan’s knowledge and expertise has provided comfort that we are providing the best possible care for our Carlos. We continue to greatly appreciate the care and kindness we are receiving at FVRC.”


Stacy A.

April 2018

“I can never thank all the medical staff for saving my Service Dog Pixie’s life. We rushed her in with a nosebleed bleed but she had a serious medical condition. The love and care they gave her was above and beyond. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have my sweet baby today. The staff is so caring and goes above and beyond to help with any questions. What an amazing place. Pixie and I thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.”


Sue W.

April 2018

“We were traveling from CT and were not sure of where we were bringing Maya to but we found that EVERYONE there was so kind and caring especially knowing we knew nothing about the hospital. The staff was so compassionate and caring! Would not hesitate to go back if needed! We cannot thank everyone enough for taking care of Maya. She recovered nicely and we are so grateful for the care that she received while in your hospital. Thank you so much for everything!!!”


Pam D.

March 2018

“My dog received great care while at FRVC. The veterinarians, technicians and staff are absolutely awesome and caring. They gave me detailed information about my pet’s care. I called them several times a day to check on my pet and they were always very patient and courteous with me.”


Lisa G.

March 2018

“I brought my pug in for breathing problems. I was a mess, crying and felt very silly for being so emotional. The receptionist and technician both assured she would be taken care of, making sure she had enough oxygen. They made me feel one thousand percent confident they would take the best care of my baby. I can’t thank them enough for easing my anxiety. Thank you for taking care of my girl – you really made me feel at ease knowing she was getting the best care possible.”


Mary Ellen M.

“I have brought my dogs (personal and the rescue dogs) to FVRC for years and have always had positive experiences. Everyone is very caring and makes you feel like you are part of the FVRC “family”. Very willing to work with schedule changes and everyone is courteous and very professional at the front desk, as well as the technicians and of course the veterinarians.”


Shelley M.

“I am so grateful for the care and compassion of everyone involved with the treatment for Maverick. They never gave up and were always willing to answer questions, no matter how menial they might seem. The compassion of the Doctors and staff was exceptional.”


Sue C.

“Dr. Parra was extremely helpful and kind in providing information about Maya’s condition and the treatment plan for her near future. It was reassuring to have a doctor that understood how overwhelming this situation was and continues to be for me and my family. I appreciate all the attention and care the entire staff showed me and Maya while she was hospitalized.”


Amy K.

“The entire staff is wonderful! They really go out of their way to make each client and pet feel special. I especially appreciated the follow-up I received (letter and phone call). I took all the recommendations, and swiftly proceeded forward with them. Keep up the great work!”


Erin H.

“Fantastic ER Vet. I can honestly say that this is the best ER Vet in the area. I have brought 4 of my dogs to you and have always received great care. I would highly recommend for any and all issues.”


Kim H.

“The people were wonderful. The technician was extremely helpful, and gave me all the options I needed. I was unable to see a vet because a critical patient came in right after me, and my dog was not exhibiting symptoms anymore so I chose not to wait, but the tech gave me all the information and offered to keep my dog and observe him if I chose. All in all, it was the most positive experience I’ve ever had at an emergency vet clinic. Wish you were in my home state of Michigan, too!”


Mari & Olivia

“In our recent, emotional journey in uncovering & addressing an aggressive cancer in our 4-yr old chocolate lab, our family was SO incredibly blessed to be referred to Dr. Kraiza & Dr. Goodrich!  It has become abundantly clear that our sweet Maggie has the best possible care around with Dr. Kraiza, Dr. Goodrich & their staff! These doctors quickly prove how dedicated & caring they are. They were SO thorough with Maggie’s exams; they fully explained everything in a way I could easily understand which helped me determine how to best proceed. They are so patient, kind & compassionate – I could tell they genuinely care about their patients & families. They didn’t rush difficult decisions, but posed different options & possible realistic results. I also have to HIGHLY PRAISE Dr. Goodrich for her AMAZING skills in expertly performing a difficult surgery. I really didn’t know what to expect in how drastic Maggie’s appearance would change, but the cancer had to be removed as much as possible. When Dr. Goodrich brought Maggie out upon discharge, Maggie seemed so happy & energetic, she didn’t express any discomfort or fear & she looked like nothing had really changed! This is a TOP NOTCH practice! THANK YOU!!!”

Gayle & George N.

“Dr. Kraiza is a true problem solver in attacking the problem at hand with her science background, yet still had the necessary “bedside manner” that is appreciated when dealing with such an emotional issue. Our dog is our baby, and I felt she empathized well. Sometimes when science background is needed, the emotional side is lacking. We did not find this true of Dr. Kraiza. She is all that is needed.”

James & Betty Lou F.

“I was worried about my dog Marley until I stepped in your front door. I became instantly aware that we both were in good hands. I am delighted that you are here and have 24 hr care. Marley was in pain physically and I was in pain mentally. Thank you so much!!!”