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At Florida Veterinary Referral Center (FVRC) we know your pet is an integral part of your everyday life. They are truly a member of your family. When there is an unexpected emergency or your veterinarian recommends specialty care for your pet, Florida Veterinary Referral Center is here to help. We’re centrally located to service the Fort Myers, Estero, Bonita Springs, and Naples veterinary community.

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What Our Clients Say

August 2023

“Your staff is extraordinary. The Florida Veterinary Referral Center staff is second to none. They truly care about providing the best care possible for their pet patients. We highly recommend the FVRC for any medical needs for your pet. You won’t be disappointed.”


August 2023

“I will highly recommend FVRC for anyone who needs emergency care for their pet. Their compassion and caring not only for the animals but for the pet parents shows in everything that they do. Excellent communication, involvement of the owner in the care plan, and friendly caring staff throughout the whole process made the experience as positive as possible during a stressful time.”


August 2023

“FVRC saved my dog's life back in January. When she became ill again yesterday, I didn't hesitate to bring her in knowing she would receive quality care around the clock if needed. It is reassuring to know you are there 24/7. Thank you all.”


July 2023

“The staff was very friendly and helpful. They made me feel very comfortable that they took such great care of my dog.”


July 2023

“An amazing facility and staff that make my dog's medical issues manageable.”


July 2023

“The Staff at FL Referral needs to know how grateful we are, that Colt’s Home, and he’s got some more time! I got him at 3 weeks old, and he’s been going to work with me, in my truck, pretty much ever since! Please tell Dr. Glander how much I appreciated her bedside manner, sitting down on the floor with Colt and me, several times while I visited him! Please let Dr. Parra know I’m so appreciative of him getting Colt an appointment upon me contacting him, even though the surgery was cancelled, and rescheduled a month later! Any advice I could offer, is to try and seek out FVRC, another talented Surgeon is Dr. Baez! As I understand, there are only about 2-3 Board-Certified Vet Surgeons in our Area! Colt’s my world 🌎, wasn’t his time!”


“Had a very pleasant experience with the entire staff that was there today when I took my kitty in for repair! Will definitely be my go-to Emergency Vet for future issues!”


“We had an emergency with our 10-year-old Boxer, Roscoe, last week. He suddenly couldn’t walk and wouldn’t eat. After a stop at our vet, with an exam and X-rays they referred us to FVRC. My husband transported him and he was seen by Dr Ankenbrandt. She assessed him and felt he had a pinched nerve although he was also anemic. Roscoe had been bitten by a rattlesnake a couple of weeks before also and was treated by another hospital…We decided to have him stay the night and be further evaluated. Dr Glander took over and Roscoe became more anemic. He pulled through a couple of days later and seemingly is fine with some kind of a delayed reaction to the bite and/or treatment. We are incredibly happy for not only the expertise, care and compassion of the vets and staff, but also for them taking the time to listen to us and take into consideration what we were telling them about his history. We are so thankful that they took the time with him and we’re conservative in their treatment while still ensuring he received the best care! Thank you!”


“I’ve been here twice for emergencies and always felt welcomed, listened to, and the staff seems to genuinely care about my animals”


“I wish I could Leave 10 STARS! Amber Depinet & Dr Caro were AMAZING & helped my tiny 3week old kitten with a dislocated hip and torn knee ligament, kitty was seen, assessed, imaging, under anesthesia, casted, coned, woken up-in and out in under 2 hours, handle with care, compassion and kindness! I’ve been to EVERY vet within 50 miles of my house and this is the place to go! Amber is especially sensitive, informative, kind and understanding! We are so grateful to have them nearby!
Thank you SO much!”


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