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Below are testimonials written by our past patients’ owners. If your pet has recently visited Florida Veterinary Referral Center and you would like to write a testimonial, please click the button to the right. It might just get featured on this page!

Mary Ellen M.

“I have brought my dogs (personal and the rescue dogs) to FVRC for years and have always had positive experiences. Everyone is very caring and makes you feel like you are part of the FVRC “family”. Very willing to work with schedule changes and everyone is courteous and very professional at the front desk, as well as the technicians and of course the veterinarians.”


Shelley McPhail

“I am so grateful for the care and compassion of everyone involved with the treatment for Maverick. They never gave up and were always willing to answer questions, no matter how menial they might seem. The compassion of the Doctors and staff was exceptional.”


Sue C.

“Dr. Parra was extremely helpful and kind in providing information about Maya’s condition and the treatment plan for her near future. It was reassuring to have a doctor that understood how overwhelming this situation was and continues to be for me and my family. I appreciate all the attention and care the entire staff showed me and Maya while she was hospitalized.”


Amy Kolb

“The entire staff is wonderful! They really go out of their way to make each client and pet feel special. I especially appreciated the follow-up I received (letter and phone call). I took all the recommendations, and swiftly proceeded forward with them. Keep up the great work!”


Erin Helfert

“Fantastic ER Vet. I can honestly say that this is the best ER Vet in the area. I have brought 4 of my dogs to you and have always received great care. I would highly recommend for any and all issues.”


Kim Huttenlocher

“The people were wonderful. The technician was extremely helpful, and gave me all the options I needed. I was unable to see a vet because a critical patient came in right after me, and my dog was not exhibiting symptoms anymore so I chose not to wait, but the tech gave me all the information and offered to keep my dog and observe him if I chose. All in all, it was the most positive experience I’ve ever had at an emergency vet clinic. Wish you were in my home state of Michigan, too!”


Mari & Olivia

“In our recent, emotional journey in uncovering & addressing an aggressive cancer in our 4-yr old chocolate lab, our family was SO incredibly blessed to be referred to Dr. Kraiza & Dr. Goodrich!  It has become abundantly clear that our sweet Maggie has the best possible care around with Dr. Kraiza, Dr. Goodrich & their staff! These doctors quickly prove how dedicated & caring they are. They were SO thorough with Maggie’s exams; they fully explained everything in a way I could easily understand which helped me determine how to best proceed. They are so patient, kind & compassionate – I could tell they genuinely care about their patients & families. They didn’t rush difficult decisions, but posed different options & possible realistic results. I also have to HIGHLY PRAISE Dr. Goodrich for her AMAZING skills in expertly performing a difficult surgery. I really didn’t know what to expect in how drastic Maggie’s appearance would change, but the cancer had to be removed as much as possible. When Dr. Goodrich brought Maggie out upon discharge, Maggie seemed so happy & energetic, she didn’t express any discomfort or fear & she looked like nothing had really changed! This is a TOP NOTCH practice! THANK YOU!!!”

Jan K and Sandy

“I was so impressed with how the staff was so courteous and concerned about my dog’s well being.  They called with regular updates, and answered all my questions when I called. My dog Sandy stayed 2 days following a sudden episode of bloat. Surgery was performed promptly and with no complications.  Dr. Baez saved my dog’s life- thank you.  Dr. Glander was there when we first came in, and explained everything to me very clearly and in great detail.  I am so thankful for the care provided to my dog. I will recommend your facility to friends and neighbors. I feel very reassured knowing that your facility is nearby.”


Gayle and George Napoli

“Dr. Kraiza is a true problem solver in attacking the problem at hand with her science background, yet still had the necessary “bedside manner” that is appreciated when dealing with such an emotional issue. Our dog is our baby, and I felt she empathized well. Sometimes when science background is needed, the emotional side is lacking. We did not find this true of Dr. Kraiza. She is all that is needed.”

James and Betty Lou Fondriest

“I was worried about my dog Marley until I stepped in your front door. I became instantly aware that we both were in good hands. I am delighted that you are here and have 24 hr care. Marley was in pain physically and I was in pain mentally. Thank you so much!!!”

Gail Coleman

“They are amazing in quickly diagnosing and treating my dogs! I have two dogs and each has been in two or three times in the past 5 years. They have been courteous, caring, and efficient in treating my dogs on every occasion. For some reason it is always the weekend or holiday when my dogs get sick and my vet is closed. The staff and doctors keep you informed. They have everything on site to make an animal better (X-ray, most lab work, ultrasound, surgical services, etc.) I wish I could get the same care when I go to the People ER!!!”

The Duchene Family

“All the staff at Florida Veterinary Referral Center
Thank you for all of the love and kindness that you have given to little China. You are all such wonderful, kind, and caring people.”

Terry Johnson

“Dr. Goodrich, Jodi and Team

Gracias, merci, abrigado, danke, grazie, kittos. Thank you so much for looking after me and making me healthy once again!

With love and doggie kisses, Purdey.”


Katherine Dickinson

“Dr. Goodrich and staff

Dr. Goodrich really helped to ease my fears and explain all of the options available to me. She was also very understanding and didn’t make me feel bad about changing my mind at the last minute. I felt very confident in her capability to perform the surgery. The receptionist was also extremely friendly and really gave me that extra reassurance to know everything would be ok.

I’m really glad I was referred to you to help Katrina. Everything was really first class. Thanks again!”


Stephanie & Mike Lawler

“Dr. Kraiza and staff

We can’t thank you enough for all you have done to help our dear little Bucky. You saw us through it all, gave us comfort, and the best care possible. You were able to give us a little more time. All the technicians, assistants and staff were extremely professional and patient with any questions we had. Thank you for sharing part of our life, you will never be forgotten. Our sincerest appreciation.”



Felix Collazo

“Dr. Parra and all the staff

Thank you for taking such good care of k-9 Roscoe during his rattlesnake bite incident so that we can continue to work. See our work @ http://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/FLFFWCC/bulletins/1104f2a


Joe Belluscio

“Dr. Goodrich

Gina’s tail healed beautifully! All the staff have been very helpful, and I can be annoying when it comes to my baby. Gina is a happy girl, thank you!”


Caroline Stemmler

“To All of Jackson Browne’s People

Our long journey together has come to a very sad and painful ending, and I just can’t walk away without telling you how much you touched our life. You all have become like family to me. During every visit, we experienced kind, familiar faces and voices when we walked in the door…we were given warm hugs and sincere smiles, and compassionate words. You fought the battle with me – just as determined as I was. You didn’t just take care of him, you took care of me also. Collectively – your knowledge and ability is unmatched, but what really sets you apart is the heart-felt passion that surrounds the care that you gave to us. I am forever grateful for all that you did to help me and my baby stay together for as long as we possibly could. With unending love, Jackson Browne’s Mommy.”


Cindy Chianetta

“All staff

This was our first time visiting FVRC and it was a great experience. From the time we entered with friendly caring employees to the explanations of the tech support and the doctors, we felt taken care of and my pet seemed like they were in good hands.”


Belluscio Family

“Dr. Goodrich and staff

If there were more people like ALL of YOU in the world there would be more smiles like mine! Thank you everyone for such great care of my baby girl, Gina.  Gina is feeling great now and her tail is feeling good. Thanks.”


Kathleen and Marc

“Dr. Tucker

Thank you for helping to diagnose Sydney! You were incredibly thorough when running your diagnostic tests and very informative. Sydney is doing much better! We just wanted to thank you for being so nice.”


Richard and Margot Orr

“Dr. Goodrich

Thank you for fixing my leg and making it stronger than ever! I am running, jumping, catching the Frisbee and winning all of the tugs-of-war. All of my hair grew back and you can’t even see a scar!

My family is taking me to Vermont for the summer, and I am happy to know that I can run in the fields and mountains. Thank you so much!

Sincerely, Rosie”


Randy and Toni DeMaris

“Dr. Glander and staff

We just wanted to drop a note to thank you for taking such great care of our dog Saddie. We came in on March 3rd early in the morning with an emergency and were treated so well. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome and the way things were handled by the entire staff. We actually got there during a shift change but Dr. Glander gladly stayed and took care of our Saddie. She has made a full recovery and for that we are so grateful. Thank you all so much for the love and care you give our family members. It means so much to know that if ever needed again that they will be in great hands.”


Nancy and Scott Lee

“Dr. Kraiza and staff

Thank you all so much for taking such good care of Casey. We are blessed to have such a great place to take him to.”


Keri M & Brad H

“Dr. Goodrich, Dr. Riordan & Team

Thank you for giving me a longer life to run with my siblings and keep my tail wagging. Woof. Love Rudy”


Deb & Ed Henderson

“Dr. Goodrich & Staff

We can’t thank you enough for the care you gave Scout during and after his surgery. He’s doing very well and is back to his old self. Everyone was so kind, thoughtful and pleasant.”


Carol and Gary Hilleary

“Dear Dr. Parra & FVRC Staff

No words can express the appreciation we have for all that you and your incredibly dedicated and highly skilled staff has done for our little Hershey Bear. I thank you for watching over him while he was recovering from a nearly fatal accident that almost took his leg. Now, after the miraculous care you, Dr. Goodrich, Jodi and your staff provided throughout his healing, he is not only walking but running, playing ball, jumping, and is the happiest little guy I have ever seen. Thank you for putting our family back together and putting the happiness back in Hershey’s eyes and in our lives. We love FVRC and thank God for answering our prayers though your capable and caring staff. Thank you is not enough but please know how grateful we are!”


Mr and Mrs Simons

“Dr. Goodrich, Dr. Riordan and wonderful associates

We want to thank you all for the excellent care and concern you have given Halle. We especially want to thank you for the great compassion you have shown us. This has been a hard time for us and you have made it so much easier….In other words THANK YOU!”


Karin Raia


Your staff from reception to care from doctor to nurses are exceptional.

The care from door to the end was nothing but extraordinary. Cooper did and is doing so well. He got so much great attention as we received great updates keeping us at ease. You all have made it easier in transitioning Cooper home. You all treat your animals as the people they are in our families. They are our little people with Fur. Cooper is extraordinary and deserves only the best. Thanks will never be enough. You are extraordinary.”