May 2018

“Dr. Riordan is amazing in every way! After I left the hospital with my doggie, Dolly, Dr. Riordan found the time to do extra research on our case. She also spoke to a cardiologist, and my vet – Dr. Marc, and others to find the best treatment plan. She knew that I was concerned so she called me the very next morning at 8:00 AM to discuss her findings and shared the updated treatment plan with me! Dr. Riordan not only focuses on what is best for the pet, but also takes into consideration the pet Mom (in this case) and what is best there too! She is kind, considerate, thorough, professional, brilliant, open to others’ input, and goes the extra mile to make sure the highest care is given! I won’t go anywhere else for this kind of treatment! I guess she is just “stuck” with my furbabies and me! Thanks so much!”

Rita R. March 13, 2019

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