November 2018

“My wife and I went to them for a second opinion. Dr. Kraiza had the disadvantage of us coming from a bad experience so to say I was apprehensive, demanding, confrontational, and standoffish would be accurate and for that I apologize.

I could tell she sensed my angst, the gravity of the situation, and genuinely wanted to help. Our pets are precious family members. My wife and I don’t have children (yet) but we love our pets as if they are our human children.

If you want someone to treat your furry kids like you expect an MD to, demand Dr. Kraiza. She handled my temper, angst, and body language like a champ. It’s crystal clear to me that she is passionate about what she does and won’t settle for ambiguity. She wants to know with as close to certainty as it gets, what’s wrong with your pet. That’s worth it’s weight in gold.”

Brian C. March 13, 2019

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